“Tourist Guide to the Occupation”


Updated “Tourist Guide to the Occupation” installed in Manger Square

“Tourist Guide to the Occupation”

July 27th, 2013 // 2:02 PM

The new “Tourist Guide to the Occupation” signboard is finally up in Manger Square in front of the Bethlehem Peace Center, across from the Church of the Nativity. We started redesigning the layout in January 2013, including additional languages (now in Arabic, English, French, German, and Italian, with Russian translations available inside the Peace Center), and now after several months we have the final product. The realization of the new signboard was the result of an all-round community effort, both in Bethlehem with help from the Mayor, Municipality, Bethlehem Peace Center, and numerous others, as well as in Sacramento from SacramentoBethlehem Sister City and its partners and friends.

Today’s installation of the poster was another example of the community effort and friendship that characterizes the Sacramento-Bethlehem relationship. When I went to unlock the glass door protecting the signboard this morning, and the key got stuck in the lock, I was immediately approached by helpful hands. The municipality came to the rescue with oil to loosen and open the lock. When I started clearing the glass, volunteers came quickly to assist from the Bethlehem Peace Center. When the printers came to install the new poster they were offered assistance and advice by passers by who had been around already helping with the lock and the clearing. Those in the square were quick to offer assistance, until what started as a one-woman job ended as a joint effort, concluding with all involved admiring their work.

The only remaining step is to repaint the exterior of the signboard. Next time you are in Bethlehem we hope you come visit, and be sure to point friends and family in our direction!





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